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Explore career opportunities at the Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA).

Current openings

Are you interested in working at a national association that enables the delivery of safe healthcare for Canadians? Join us in our mission to protect the professional integrity of physicians and promote safe medical care.

The CMPA is reimagining and innovating how we deliver services to our members. With inspiring new corporate initiatives underway, we are increasing our capacity.

2020-2022 People Strategy

Come share your skills and knowledge in a rewarding career at the CMPA. Our People Strategy highlights the commitments we’re making to build a workplace that is diverse, inclusive, high-performing, and constantly learning.

  • “I have always felt that in order to enjoy your work, you must believe in it and be in a supportive environment. I’m very lucky that the CMPA offers me both. It allows me to assist my colleagues directly when in distress, something that drives me to get up and get going in the morning. I’m also surrounded by talented and enthusiastic colleagues, which makes the Association a great place to work.”

    Dennis Special Advisor, Medico-Legal Services, 14 years of service

    Favourite thing about the CMPA: The relaxed, collegial atmosphere.

  • “Working at CMPA means learning and growing every day. There are continuous learning opportunities for each position and a number of special projects that allow you to contribute your expertise and develop your skills.”

    Celine Supervisor, Membership Services, 30 years of service

    Favourite thing about the CMPA: The culture of education—developing, coaching, and teaching employees.

  • “I love that we are continuously improving the way we serve our members to meet their evolving needs. This means I get to thrive in an environment that encourages innovation and change for the better.”

    Irina Manager, Membership Services, 14 years of service

    Favourite thing about the CMPA: The people I work with are engaged, professional, caring and committed to excellence.

  • “I am a data professional that supports the CMPA’s mission to protect the integrity of physicians and promote safe medical care in Canada. My work is very empowering and it motivates me to know that my team helps enable data-driven decisions that support our mission.”

    Jay Manager, Data & Business Intelligence, Business Strategy & Analytics, 19 years of service

    Favourite thing about the CMPA: The workforce culture here has always resonated with me. The people here are great—we work hard but still know how to have fun.

  • "I’m continuously impressed by the high quality standards and the supportive environment created by the CMPA and its employees. As a Senior Membership Administrator, I enjoy the opportunity to work with people of all professional levels on a daily basis and the ability to effectively coach and support my fellow colleagues."

    Ken Supervisor, Membership Services, 8 years of service

    Favourite thing about the CMPA: The CMPA provides a great workplace atmosphere and various opportunities for professional growth.

  • “The support I get from my team is incredible and allows me to do my best work. I like playing a role in ensuring that our workforce is engaged and capable of meeting our organizational needs. Every day is a new learning opportunity where I am encouraged to work toward my career goals and step outside of my comfort zone.”

    Lacey Human Resources Advisor, People Services, 4 years of service

    Favourite thing about the CMPA: The focus on employee wellness—specifically the gym and flexible work arrangements.

  • “I can genuinely say ‘I love my job’. The atmosphere is motivating and it inspires me to achieve my professional goals. My team feels more like a family: we work hard, we support each other, and we always find ways to have fun. Regardless of job titles, skill sets, experience and knowledge, we all share the same goal of providing our members with the highest quality of medical-legal services. It’s rewarding to know that our organization is making a difference in healthcare and that we all play a key role in it.”

    Madison Medico-Legal Business Analyst, Business Solutions, 9 years of service

    Favourite thing about the CMPA: Compressed workdays and quarterly departmental potlucks.

  • “CMPA empowers me to assist our members to the best of my ability. It's refreshing to work in an environment where my work is valued by my colleagues and our members. This kind of support allows me to be confident and proud of my day-to-day work.”

    Nicolas Senior Member Services Representative, Call Team , 8 years of service

    Favourite thing about the CMPA: Great team-focused environment and feeling we’re truly helping our members.

  • “I love working and designing solutions in small collaborative teams and across different departments. In the past year, I have worked with every department at the CMPA! It is very rewarding to see that, on a daily basis, the work I do at the CMPA benefits both our members and our staff.”

    Renee Senior Full Stack Developer, Application Development, 9 years of service

    Favourite thing about the CMPA: Fitness classes at lunch and compressed workdays.

  • “Working at the CMPA provides me with opportunities to innovate how we deliver services to our members. Knowing that my work can positively impact members and being a part of an association that promotes safe medical care is truly rewarding.”

    Timothy Senior Full Stack Developer, Application Development, 8 years of service

    Favourite thing about the CMPA: The CMPA promotes a healthy work-life balance, which benefits everyone. I also love the professionalism and camaraderie shared by all employees.

  • “The CMPA values its staff and invests in its workforce, and it shows. People here are happy because they work for an organization that ensures its people have what they need to succeed in their meaningful work. Our workplace benefits from a culture with core values like transparency, learning, innovation, collegiality, wellness, respect, recognition, and collaboration. I have already recruited three former colleagues to apply to work at the CMPA, which says a lot.”

    Allan Education & Knowledge Translation Specialist, Learning Analytics, 5 years of service

    Favourite thing about the CMPA: Using CMPA data to answer research questions that can make medical care safer in Canada.

Rewarding careers, positive atmosphere

  • challenging work in a professional environment
  • member-focused with a great sense of camaraderie
  • professional, highly skilled employees

Competitive salaries and benefits

  • competitive salary and benefits package
  • pension plan
  • 35 hour work week
  • underground parking 

Health, wellness and work flexibility

  • flexible work arrangements (e.g. flexible start and end times, compressed work week, 30 minute lunch, etc.)
  • hybrid and fully remote options based on job requirements
  • two on-site fitness facilities
  • weekly fitness classes
  • on-site café with healthy meal options
  • employee assistance program
  • healthy lifestyle committee organizes chair massage, personal training assessments, a yearly golf tournament, and more
  • beautiful surroundings, steps from Dow's Lake

Collegial work environment

  • promotes work/life balance
  • highly engaged employees
  • employee training opportunities
  • themed lunches and events (staff functions, team building, lunch and learn sessions, etc.) held throughout the year

Equal opportunity employment

The CMPA is an equal opportunity employer. Equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) is a key priority for the CMPA, and we actively strive to build a culture of inclusion where employees can be their authentic selves and are valued for their diverse experiences and perspectives.

We welcome and encourage candidates from diverse backgrounds and a variety of lived experiences to apply.

Accessibility in the workplace

The CMPA is committed to being responsive to the diverse needs of its members, employees, and others, including those with disabilities, by striving to prevent and remove barriers to accessibility. The CMPA will provide support in its recruitment processes to applicants living with disabilities, including accommodation that takes into account an applicant's accessibility needs.

Green organization

  • office buildings are BOMA BEST certified — meets "Go Green" best practice
  • green kitchen and café
  • recycling rate of 94% diverted from landfill

Community supporter

  • giving back to the local community — recipient of United Way corporate platinum, gold, and silver awards