Request an education session

We are currently undergoing some process improvements to provide our members with valuable educational resources that meet their needs. As a result, CMPA will not be able to accommodate requests for personalized education sessions at this time.

For questions or concerns, please email us at [email protected]

As one of Canada’s largest providers of continuing professional development, the CMPA addresses the educational needs of physicians to help them improve their practices and to provide safe medical care through the continuum of their careers. We provide practice improvement education for physicians in practice and physician leaders. The CMPA provides resources to help manage risk and contribute to safe medical care. The CMPA is not able to set clinical standards, guidelines or policies.

For your request to be considered, please ensure that:

  • request forms are submitted at least 6 months in advance of the planned session
  • the request is sponsored by a CMPA member
  • a minimum of 20 CMPA members attend the session

There is no cost for a CMPA presenter to speak at your event; education sessions are a benefit to CMPA members. However, the requester is responsible for any costs associated with hosting their event (i.e. meeting room, catering, or audio-visual equipment).


  • Informed consent
  • Patient-centred communication skills and managing challenging patient encounters
  • Team communication and collaboration: improving psychological safety and situational awareness
  • Safe delegation and supervision
  • Improving handover communication
  • Virtual care considerations
  • Test results follow-up
  • Diagnostic decision-making
  • Documentation best practices
  • Disclosure of patient safety incidents (accidents in Quebec)

Depending on your medico-legal concerns, we may be able to accommodate other topics which can be specified in the request.

For more information, please email [email protected]