CMPA research

CMPA medico-legal data informs research activities of the CMPA and member physicians, as well as those of healthcare organizations seeking insights into safe medical care.

Who we are

The CMPA’s research and analytics team is composed of researchers, statisticians, physicians and nurses.

Captured from decades of real-world advice and assistance for physicians in Canada, and spanning virtually every practice area and clinical specialty, CMPA data and analyses are the foundation for insights you can trust. More about CMPA data.

What we do

The CMPA supports the development of evidence-informed products, services, and decision-making that contribute to the safety of medical care. This benefits both patients and physicians, and helps ensure the sustainability of the Canadian healthcare system.

Our research activities focus on:

  • Promoting safe medical care by analyzing individual and system factors that affect patient safety
  • Supporting CMPA members by understanding their needs across medical specialties, geographic regions, and phases of practice
  • Novel approaches to data analysis to derive greater insights from the CMPA’s medico-legal data and spur innovation in research methods relating to safe medical care

Where to find CMPA research

Published research

Articles published in peer-reviewed medical and science journals, and reports produced in collaboration with other healthcare organizations


Know your risk

Medico-legal data by clinical specialty to help you know your risk and enhance safe medical care.


Request medico-legal data

CMPA welcomes members to collaborate with us to develop and implement novel ways of enhancing safe medical care.