Nomination and election process

About Council positions

Who we are looking for

Diversity on Council is an asset to the CMPA. Differing viewpoints and a variety of lived experiences are essential to helping us understand and support our members. We invite and encourage submissions from members from all backgrounds who feel they can make a unique and valuable contribution.

Nominee experience and attributes

Useful experience and attributes for nominees include a strong clinical background, leadership capabilities, outreach work, medical education or research experience, governance, business or legal experience, and financial or investment literacy.

The CMPA supports all new Council members with orientation, ongoing education, and training related to many of these areas.

Nominees must be CMPA members. Current members of council may seek nomination and re-election for an additional three-year term.

Your role on Council

CMPA Council plays an important role in the overall success of the Association. As a member of Council, you govern the Association and provide direction, guidance, and support to the CMPA management team, which is responsible for the Association’s day-to-day business. The Terms of Reference for council and councillors [PDF] sets out the way in which council fulfills its responsibilities and describes the responsibilities of councillors.

Council representation

Council is composed of member physicians from 10 geographical areas across Canada (British Columbia and Yukon; Alberta; Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories and Nunavut; Manitoba; Ontario; Québec; New Brunswick; Nova Scotia; Prince Edward Island; and Newfoundland and Labrador).

To ensure appropriate representation across all specialities in medicine, surgery, and general practice, members seeking election must practice in one of the following two Divisions:

  • Division A - Certification from CFPC, or CMQ (Specialists in Family Medicine), or physicians without CFPC or RCPSC certification
  • Division B - Specialist certification from RCPSC or CMQ, not including Specialists in Family Medicine

The number of Division A or B positions in each area is determined by geographical location. In some instances, a council position within an area may be Division A or B.

Time commitment

Council members should plan to commit to at least 17 days per year (i.e., one annual meeting, eight Council days, and approximately eight committee days), as well as meeting preparation and travel time.

Expenses and compensation

Council members will receive honoraria for Association business or travel. The CMPA also reimburses Councillors for all reasonable out-of-pocket travel, accommodation, meal expense, and childcare costs incurred on CMPA business.

How to seek nomination

There are two ways to seek nomination.

  1. CLOSED Via the Nominating Committee: Members can submit their names for consideration by the Nominating Committee.
    • The Committee reviews candidate submissions in November and December. These may include submissions from current Councillors.
    • The Committee will release the names of proposed candidates through the Report of the Nominating Committee.
  2. Via the CMPA Membership: Interested members may also be nominated through the membership in their geographical area.

Determining if an election will occur

The Council election and nomination process is governed by Article 4 of the CMPA By-law. Election(s) occur when we receive an eligible nomination from the membership in an area where the Nominating Committee has proposed a nominee. Unopposed candidates are acclaimed.

Campaign rules

Candidates play an important role in communicating and encouraging CMPA members to vote in Council elections. See Campaign rules

What to know before you submit

Candidates submitting a nomination must complete the candidate submission form and submit all associated materials and forms as indicated in submission requirements.

Candidates are expected to provide the information required in support of their nomination by the deadlines published by the CMPA.

  • CLOSED October 25, 2018: Deadline for submissions for consideration by the Nominating Committee.
  • February 13, 2019: Deadline for receipt of nominations from the membership.

Submission requirements

Online candidate submission form

The form will require information found in your curriculum vitae (CV), such as professional and practice appointments.

For successful nominees, the information you provide:

  • becomes part of the Report of the Nominating Committee
  • is posted to the CMPA website during the election period.

All information will be translated by the CMPA.

Candidate statement

This is your chance to tell the membership why they should vote for you. (You will submit this information as part of the online candidate submission form)

The statement is:

  • considered by the Nominating Committee in determining its recommended slate of nominees
  • posted to the CMPA website during the election period.

Member nomination form

The nomination form is only required for nominations via the CMPA Membership. The form must be accompanied by the names and signatures of 10 supporting, current members of the CMPA who reside in the same geographical area as the member they are nominating.

Submit the completed nomination form [PDF] via email to

Colour photo

The candidate photo must be:

  • recent, professional, and in colour
  • limited to the head, neck, and shoulders
  • on a plain background
  • in .jpg or .tif format
  • 300 DPI resolution when 3" x 5" in size (approximately)
    • Note: Typically, a photo taken on a personal camera or cell phone is not acceptable.

Send photo via email to

How to submit

Complete the Candidate submission form. (You will be prompted to sign in to your member account.*)

Candidate submission form

*Member number and password required

Save and return later

Sign in to your Member account to edit or add information before the deadline.

Click on “Edit or review your Council candidate submission” and your submission will open with the information you have entered to date. Once completed, click the Submit button.

DISCLAIMER NOTICE: Candidates are expected to provide the information required in support of their nomination by the deadlines published by the CMPA.

The CMPA does not edit or make changes to photos or to information provided by candidates in the submission form or candidate statement. Candidates are responsible for the spelling and accuracy of the information provided in writing and for their photo composition, format, and resolution.

Additional Information