Council election campaign guidelines

The official campaign period begins after the release of the Report of the Nominating Committee to CMPA members and ends with the close of the election voting period.

✔ Do's

✘ Don'ts

Candidate endorsement

  • Past Council members may choose to endorse candidates but should do so only in their personal capacity.
  • Any endorsement by a current or past Council member must be made using a personal email address and include the following statement: "Candidate endorsements made by any person associated with the CMPA are made in such person’s personal capacity, and not in any official capacity in relation to or on behalf of the CMPA."
  • Candidates are permitted to seek endorsements from organizations such as medical associations, federations, and other bodies. Please note that:
    • Candidates must have express permission from those organizations before using their logos, corporate branding materials, trademarks, or slogans.
    • All contact information for the endorsing organization must be current.
    • Endorsements should not include any direct financial support or material incremental costs being incurred by the endorsing organization.
  • Outside of the Report of the Nominating Committee, current CMPA Council members cannot endorse a candidate through official CMPA channels.
  • Candidates should not request current Council members to act as one of the 10 CMPA members in support of a member nomination.


  • Obtaining membership lists and email addresses and the creation of list servers is the responsibility of the candidates and their supporters.
  • Candidates may use the terms “Canadian Medical Protective Association” or “CMPA” in their promotional material as it relates to serving on or involvement with CMPA Council.
  • Candidates may forward a CMPA voter election email or reminder to encourage voter participation.
  • Candidates are encouraged to consider physicians’ privacy concerns when sending email and fax communications for campaigning purposes.
  • Email addresses and member information will not be provided by the CMPA, in accordance with the CMPA’s privacy policy.
  • Candidates may not use any CMPA logos, letterhead, corporate branding materials, or trademarks.
  • Candidates may not reference any of the CMPA’s email addresses, telephone or fax numbers in any promotional material.
  • Candidates should not, in any way, disparage any fellow candidates.

Use of social media

  • Candidates can like, share, or re-tweet a CMPA election-related tweet or LinkedIn post, but are to refrain from providing any additional comment. The purpose must be to pass along CMPA information for awareness purposes only.
  • Candidates are free to use their own personal Twitter account and other social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) for campaign and election purposes.
  • Candidates will not use the CMPA Twitter or LinkedIn activity to self-promote their candidacy or to launch their twitter election campaigns.

Conducting election-related activities

  • Candidates may undertake promotional activities in support of their election campaign but any promotional expenses1 will be incurred personally by candidates and the CMPA will not reimburse any such costs.
    1“promotional expense” is defined as “any expense incurred by the candidate for goods or services in relation to the annual CMPA Council nomination and election process”.
  • Election-related activities cannot be conducted at the CMPA offices or educational events.
  • Candidates cannot use CMPA offices for creation, storage, or display of promotional materials, or to hold meetings related to the election.
  • Candidates cannot use the accounts, services, materials, or resources of the CMPA.

Issues regarding the conduct of the CMPA nomination and election process

  • Any concerns, complaints, or disputes should be addressed to the CMPA President who, following consultations with the Executive Director/CEO or General Counsel, shall determine whether any action is necessary, and if so, what that action shall be. The President will strive to achieve a timely resolution.
  • Questions regarding responsibilities or behaviours can be directed to [email protected].

Additional Information