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Scarcity of resources and delays in care

There is no perfect solution for resource dilemmas and staff shortages, but you can take steps to help ensure patient safety and minimize your medico-legal risk.

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COVID-19 Hub

Medico-legal aspects of COVID-19 for Canadian physicians.

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Medical assistance in dying (MAID)

MAID continues to be a complex and evolving medico-legal issue. CMPA is committed to keeping you up-to-date to support patient safety and help minimize medico-legal risk.

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Virtual care

Widespread delivery of virtual care (which includes phone and video consultations) is transforming medical practice.

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Abortion services for non-residents

The CMPA believes in and supports equitable and timely access to healthcare, including abortion, for all patients in Canada.

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Treating non-residents

When Canadian physicians provide care, including when prescribing, to non-residents of Canada, there is an increased risk of medico-legal difficulties arising outside of Canada. The CMPA is not structured to assist with medico-legal difficulties that arise outside of Canada, or that result from care given outside of Canada.

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