Supporting physicians at a challenging time
CMPA releases new strategic plan

OTTAWA, March 23, 2023—The Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) shared its 2023 – 2025 Strategic Plan today. The plan will enable the CMPA to continue to support members and employees, strengthen its foundation through collaboration, and adapt to a changing healthcare environment through modernization.

“We know that the healthcare system is in crisis and that physicians are facing new responsibilities and changes to their scope of practice, potentially increasing their medico-legal risk,” stated Dr. Lisa Calder, CEO. “Our physician members need us now more than ever, and we have created a focused, practical and agile strategic plan to ensure we continue to be there for them.”

In addition to its on-going work in providing medico-legal support, protecting the professional integrity of physicians, enhancing patient safety, and compensating patients proven to be harmed by negligent medical care (fault in Québec), the CMPA’s plan focuses on five strategic enablers:

  • Modernizing the member experience – providing services that are accessible, meaningful, and easy to use.
  • Developing our talent – making CMPA a magnet for diverse employees to continue to build a talented workforce that responds to changing member needs.
  • Enhancing our learning resources – providing members with relevant and tailored continuing safe medical care education.
  • Leveraging our data – using data insights to drive improvements that support patient safety.
  • Advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) – building and implementing EDI principles into everything we do.

“Healthcare continues to evolve,” says Dr. Jean-Hugues Brossard, President. “Our new strategic plan prepares us for increasing member demands and the changes ahead. It also allows us to increase capacity across the organization and build skills among our employees to support members as they face new challenges.”

As part of the new plan, the CMPA will also explore opportunities to build a more modern governance model, including ensuring our Council structure meets the needs of our members and our organization.

“Ultimately, the plan positions us to continue to do what we do really well and prepares us to support members, patients, and the healthcare system now and into the future,” says Dr. Lisa Calder.

The 2023 – 2025 strategic plan was developed through a process of active consultation with physician members, physician associations and federations, and stakeholder groups. As the plan moves forward, the CMPA will continue to seek opportunities to collaborate with healthcare organizations. The Association remains committed to fiscal responsibility and looks forward to reporting on the progress of the new plan.

Review the CMPA 2023 – 2025 Strategic Plan.

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About the CMPA

The CMPA empowers better healthcare by delivering efficient, high-quality physician-to-physician advice and assistance in medico-legal matters. Importantly, the CMPA provides appropriate compensation, on behalf of our members, to patients injured by negligent medical care (fault in Québec). Our peer-reviewed research results in evidence-based products and services focused on enhancing patient safety and reducing patient harm and healthcare costs.

As Canada’s largest physician organization and with the support of our nearly 109,000 physician members, the CMPA collaborates, advocates, and effects positive change on important healthcare and medico-legal issues. The Association is governed by an elected Council of physicians.