How to apply for membership

Who can apply?

Physicians may apply for CMPA membership if they are a graduate in medicine and are licensed or registered with a Canadian provincial/territorial medical regulatory authority (College). You may submit your membership application without a licence or registration number. However, you must notify the CMPA once it becomes available.

Your CMPA membership and mutuality

CMPA is a mutual defence organization – not an insurance company. When physicians join the CMPA, they agree to collectively share the costs, risks, and benefits of their CMPA membership. Members are eligible for assistance for matters related to the practice of medicine, and, in return, they commit to mutuality, including the expectation to practise in a manner consistent with the values of the medical profession, and to take an active role to improve the quality of care and help prevent future medico-legal events. They also commit to act in accordance with the existing obligations of the CMPA By-law and other obligations determined by the Association’s member-elected Council.



If you are a resident matched through Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS) and received an email from the CMPA, please use the link in the email to apply for membership. For general information, visit Residents and fellows.


Former members

If you are a former CMPA member and want to reactivate your membership, please sign in below to reapply. For more information, visit Reactivate CMPA membership.

Reactivate membership

New members

To apply for CMPA membership, please first register for an account. Once your account is created, follow the prompts to complete the online application form.

Register for an account

Application process and fee payment

Please allow two weeks for processing.

Please note that you will require the following in order to submit your application for CMPA membership.

  • Canadian bank account*
  • Canadian mailing address

*if you are an applicant from outside of Canada, learn about opening a Canadian bank account.

Membership can only begin once we have received the following:

  • Completed application form
  • Payment
  • All necessary documents

For information on fees, visit Fees and payment methods.