How to apply for membership

Your CMPA membership and mutuality
CMPA membership is based on the principles of mutuality. The CMPA provides members – residents, clinical fellows, and practising physicians – with liability protection, advice, and resources to help manage medical-legal risk in clinical practice. In turn, members are expected to practise in a manner that aligns with the ethics and expectations of the profession and the values of the Association (the mutual) as described in its Bylaw.

Physicians may apply for CMPA membership if they are a graduate in medicine and are licensed or registered by a Canadian provincial/territorial medical regulatory authority (College).

To apply for membership

By fax or mail:

Please allow 2 weeks for processing.

For first-time applicants, the minimum payment in your first calendar year of membership is two months.

Membership can only begin once we have received a completed application form, payment, your licence/registration number and all necessary documents. You may submit your membership application without your licence/registration number and then you must notify the CMPA once it becomes available.

If you don't have a Canadian bank account at the time of your application, you may submit the application without payment. The CMPA will then contact you with further payment instructions.

If you plan to arrive in Canada and open a bank account prior to starting your program, you may submit your application without payment, complete our pre-authorized debit (PAD) form, and provide CMPA with your banking information as soon as it is available.

For further details about payment, click here.

You will receive your proof of CMPA membership (Membership Update) and an information package about CMPA services in the mail.

To reactivate membership

If you are a former CMPA member who wishes to reactivate membership, see Reactivate CMPA Membership.

Residents and clinical fellows