Residents and clinical fellows

Request membership

If you are currently a resident or clinical fellow, you may want to verify whether you require CMPA membership. In some provinces/territories some degree of liability protection for residents can be obtained through the hospital insurer.

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Reactivate membership

To reactivate your membership after an interruption of more than 12 months, please sign in and reapply

To reactivate membership after less than a 12-month period, call the CMPA at 1-800-267-6522.

Change membership status

If you are an existing member and

  • wish to change your membership to TOW code 12 or 14; or
  • a resident in TOW code 12 or 14 in your eighth year or more of training; or
  • a clinical fellow in TOW code 12 in your fourth year or more of training;

complete only the Postgraduate questionnaire [PDF] [Submit online].

Membership fee payment options

First-time applicants must pay for a minimum of 2 months in the first calendar year. The fees for practising physicians and residents are calculated each year in the fall for the upcoming calendar year and take effect on January 1. Residents joining between July 1 and December 31 for the academic year pay the current fee for the entire academic year and will not be affected by any potential fee increase in January.

If you are a resident or clinical fellow, your CMPA membership may be based on the academic year (July to June). If this is the case, fees are due July 1. The CMPA will provide proof of membership (Membership Update) from July of the current year to June of the following year.

Residents who are doing an elective or who moonlight occasionally and join the CMPA for these periods only may be entitled to the CMPA's Flexible Date Membership option. Fellows who have to change to a practising physician TOW code when moonlighting may also benefit from this option. Please contact the CMPA to verify your eligibility.

Physicians who are transitioning from postgraduate training to practice can defer payment of their CMPA membership fees for up to 6 months. Members who take advantage of this service must provide their fee payment, in one lump sum, in the same calendar year as the transition, as described in the Transitioning to Practice payment option.

Obtain proof of membership

CMPA members whose university requires proof of CMPA membership to finalize their registration in a training program do not always need to provide individual confirmation. Many universities correspond directly with the CMPA. If you have informed CMPA of your training details, your membership will be confirmed directly to your university. At any time, go to proof of membership if you require an individual confirmation.

To be able to provide reliable information to the universities, the CMPA needs to have accurate information from you. If you change programs or universities during your training, please provide the new information to the CMPA. Use the general inquiry form, or contact us.

Completing the application/reactivation form

When completing the application/reactivation form, residents and clinical fellows must select a type of work (TOW) and a fee region where they are registered in a training program or moonlight.

Selecting a TOW code

TOW code 12 is for residents and fellows who do not moonlight. Extra resident shifts are not considered moonlighting and are included under this code.

TOW code 14 is for residents or clinical fellows who do occasional moonlighting (i.e., for two consecutive weeks or less). Those in TOW code 14 who limit their clinical activities to only moonlighting work (locum) for more than two consecutive weeks, must change to a practising physician TOW code and hold a licence/registration acceptable to the regulatory authority (College) in the jurisdiction in which the moonlighting will occur.

See the Fee Schedule [PDF] for full details on each TOW code.

Selecting a fee region

Residents and clinical fellows (TOW code 12) must select the fee region where they are registered in a training program.

Residents and clinical fellows in TOW code 14 must select the fee region where they moonlight or where their training program is registered, whichever one has the higher fee.

Note: Existing members in code 12 or 14 doing an elective in a province other than their province of training continue to select the fee region where they are registered in a training program. They must hold licence/registration in the province of the elective and are no longer required to notify the CMPA in advance of the elective. There is an exception for new members requesting short-term membership in TOW code 12 (to do an elective). These new members must select the fee region where they are doing the elective (not the region where they are registered in a training program, although it can be the same).