Flexible date membership option

The CMPA offers membership based on flexible start dates. Payment may be made for a membership period of one month that does not coincide with a calendar month. This provides greater flexibility for locums requiring liability protection for a one-month period that spans two calendar months, as well as for members who work occasional locums and residents or clinical fellows who perform electives or moonlight occasionally.

Eligible physicians pay a fee based on monthly blocks from the actual start date. The one-month block is calculated from the start date of any given month until the same date the following month, less one day. For example, a one-month block would be December 15 to January 14. In this case, the fee is based on the rate for the month of the start date, that is, December. An example of a two-month block would be from February 14 to April 13.

To request this payment option, go to the Member self-service or contact the CMPA. You will need to provide the following information:

  • Province
  • Type of work
  • Period of work (exact dates)
  • Licensing information

You can use the flexible date membership option as often as you wish, and you may still choose to pay by annual payment or monthly debit. There is no change to the monthly pre-authorized debit dates. Fees will be applied to the start date of the initiating month.

First-time applicants must pay for a minimum of two flexible months in the first calendar year.

The flexible date option does not apply to interruptions in membership.