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2024 membership fees

Most 2024 membership fees have increased from their significantly reduced levels in 2023. The exception is Québec, where membership fees remain unchanged.
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Membership fees are payable annually. As a CMPA member, you will receive an invoice that indicates the fee that applies to you, based on your type of work and the geographical region in which you practise.

You can pay your fees annually or monthly using pre-authorized debit. Annual payments are also accepted via online banking.
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Select the TOW and region that most accurately reflects all your professional responsibilities. In general, all practising TOW codes include the activities appropriate in administrative medicine, teaching in Canada, and assistance at surgery. What's my TOW code?

Alternatively, view all TOW code descriptions and fees by region: 2024 CMPA Membership Fees [PDF]  | Fee Schedule for 2023 [PDF]

Type of work (TOW) code descriptions


From 2019 to 2021, we experienced unexpectedly strong market performance. This allowed us to significantly reduce membership fees across all four fee regions in 2023. These temporary fee reductions were designed to decrease each regions’ financial position to an appropriate level.

While we carefully manage our investments, we are not immune to market volatility. 2022 saw one of the poorest market performances in recent history. As with many investment portfolios, our returns were less than expected. Additionally, medico-legal costs have steadily increased across the country.

While the CMPA’s financial position remains positive, it has decreased due to higher medico-legal costs and lower investment returns. With these combined factors, most 2024 membership fees will return to levels that are a truer reflection of the actual costs of protection. Since Québec’s growth in medico-legal costs was below what was expected, we will continue to apply significant fee credits in 2024, meaning membership fees in Québec will remain similar to 2023 levels.

Watch the 2024 Regional fee requirements [YouTube video] to learn more about how membership fees are set each year across our 4 fee regions. Our 2024 membership fees will ensure we have the funds to support our members and compensate patients, today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

Physician reimbursement programs, which are negotiated at the provincial-territorial level, are intended to offset the costs of membership paid by physicians. CMPA is not involved in negotiating these agreements, however, we continue to strive to contain medical liability costs to support the healthcare system. For more, see Are membership fees reimbursed?

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CMPA membership fees are based on your fee region and type of work. Refer to “Fees by type of work and region” above or choose one of the following:

To find your membership fee, select the TOW code that most accurately reflects all your professional responsibilities. If you perform more than one type of work and/or work in more than one fee region, please contact the CMPA for assistance with selecting the correct category.

See the instructions in Residents and Clinical Fellows if you are applying for membership in TOW code 12 or 14.

If you have questions about membership fees, please email [email protected] .

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Membership fees are paid entirely by members. In all jurisdictions, provincial or territorial governments and medical associations or federations have negotiated reimbursement agreements that are intended to offset some of the cost of liability protection. This long-standing arrangement reflects an agreement between physicians and governments to include, in lieu of other payments for clinical services, some of the cost of liability protection in the overall compensation of physicians.

Each province or territory sets its own eligibility criteria for reimbursement. Please contact your provincial or territorial medical association or federation for more information.

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Membership fees differ depending on the type of work you perform as well as the fee region in which you are working (or are registered in a training program or are moonlighting). Fees reflect the medico-legal risks inherent in different types of practices, as well as regional variations in medico-legal costs.

Due to the regional cost differences across the country, the CMPA has four fee regions to allow for an equitable allocation of costs. The four regions are:

  • British Columbia and Alberta
  • Ontario
  • Québec
  • Saskatchewan, Manitoba, the Atlantic provinces, and the Territories

Member fees in different regions reflect regional variations in medico-legal costs, the number of medico-legal cases in the region, the number of physicians in the region, and the risk levels of their different specialties.

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While the CMPA does not issue income tax receipts, the CMPA Annual Receipt for membership fees can help you determine whether you are eligible for an income tax deduction. This receipt is made available to members online each year in late January or early February. Members will receive an email when receipts become available. Download your receipt at any time (your CMPA member number and account password are required). For details about tax laws governing your province or territory, please consult your tax advisor.

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No, the CMPA does not offer part-time membership or senior membership rates.

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