2023 CMPA annual membership review

November 1, 2022

It’s CMPA membership review time. We ask that you do the following:

  1. View your reduced membership fees for 2023.
  2. Confirm your type(s) of work and province(s)/territory(ies) of work to ensure you are appropriately protected.
  3. Review and update your personal information as needed, including banking information.


As part of the membership review process, we are asking that you provide information about the nature of patient care you provide. This information will help us to continue developing and sharing resources that are relevant to you, help protect your professional integrity, and enhance safety of medical care. Your participation in this optional two-minute survey is much appreciated.

To complete your annual membership review and see your reduced 2023 membership fees, you will be prompted to sign in to the CMPA member portal with your member number and password.

Once you have reviewed your membership and made any necessary changes (e.g. address, type of work, province of work, banking information, etc.), no further action is needed—your CMPA membership will renew automatically!

Start membership review

Supporting you, our members

2023 fee reduction

For the third consecutive year, the CMPA has lowered membership fees across all four fee regions.

Fostering equity, diversity, and inclusion

In August, we launched our 2022-2025 Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Strategy describing our EDI vision and roadmap for the next 3 years.

Abortion services for non-residents

On September 6, we held a panel discussion titled “Providing abortions to American patients: Medico-legal risks and CMPA support” to address your concerns and answer your questions.

Membership FAQs

Providing assistance at surgery?

In general, all practising TOW codes include assistance at surgery.

Providing virtual care while outside of Canada?

The CMPA does not generally extend assistance for virtual care done from outside of Canada when the physician is residing outside of Canada on a long-term basis. See our principles of assistance on Virtual care (including telehealth).

For more on virtual care, see our white paper on integrating virtual care in practice.

Restricting your work to administrative medicine (no patient contact)?

There is a type of work code for members who restrict their work to administrative medicine.

Practising in multiple provinces or territories?

When reviewing your membership, ensure that all of your types and provinces of work are accurately reflected.

Need your proof of protection?

View or send yourself a statement of protection by email through the member portal.

Need to interrupt or end your membership?

These are the things you should know.