Important CMPA news: Member motion, Annual Report, and 2022 Annual Meeting & Conference

Dear colleagues,

We all know how incredibly challenging the healthcare environment has been, and continues to be, in Canada. Throughout, the CMPA maintains its focus on being here for you, modernizing the organization, and doing so collaboratively. 

Read the 2021 Annual Report

Today, we are pleased to share our CMPA 2021 Annual Report which details how we have worked to provide you with compassionate, peer-to-peer support, medico-legal advice, learning, and assistance. Read the report and learn how we’ve:

  • Responded to 24,000+ advice calls, providing empathetic support and medico-legal assistance to help you manage patient safety challenges and provide safe medical care.
  • Shared urgent, COVID-19 medico-legal advice accessed by 77% of our 105,000+ members.
  • Provided research, insights, data, and learning resources to help you reduce your medico-legal risk and support patient safety.

Attend the 2022 CMPA Annual Meeting and Conference (AMC)

As healthcare continues to evolve, we will remain here for you and ready to support you with Canadian medico-legal issues.

We invite you to attend our 2022 Annual Meeting and Conference (virtually or in-person) August 15 in Vancouver, BC and learn more about how we can support you.

The day includes an accredited education session focused on providing you with effective communications strategies for patients and colleagues and an accredited information session during which our expert panel will discuss the opportunities and challenges of virtual care.

Vote on the member motion at the AMC

We are always looking for new ways to do things. Over the past year and a half, we have been exploring opportunities to modernizing our governance model and have begun assessing the size and composition of our Council.

We recently received a member motion about this topic which will be voted upon at the Annual Meeting and Conference.

Member Motion

Be it resolved that:

The CMPA commits to undertaking a comprehensive review of its governance model with a view to potential by-law amendments including but not limited to:  Council composition (including size), representation (including geography, specialty and diversity) and skills.

The CMPA will bring forward an update to the 2023 Annual General Meeting and the final report on the governance review (including any proposed by-law changes) to the 2024 Annual General Meeting for consideration and approval.

We welcome discussion around this important issue, and we invite all active members to attend the event to share their views and VOTE on the motion.

Thank you for all that you do to provide safe care to Canadians,

Lisa Calder, MD, MSc, FRCPC
Chief Executive Officer

Michael T. Cohen, MD

Jean-Hugues Brossard, MD, CSPQ, FRCPC
Incoming President