Winding down Saegis – A message from the CEO

In August 2022, after much deliberation, CMPA Council has decided to wind down our subsidiary, Saegis.

For over five years, Saegis has provided in-depth professional development programs to Canadian physicians, healthcare professionals, teams, hospitals, and clinics. CMPA Council felt that, in light of the pace of change in today’s healthcare environment, the significant healthcare human resource crisis, and our members’ quickly evolving needs, it would be best to consolidate CMPA’s learning efforts within the Association itself.

All members and healthcare organizations enrolled in current Saegis programs, or registered for upcoming programs, will be contacted directly about this change.

Focusing on our members’ professional education needs

As we wind down Saegis, our goal is to concentrate entirely on supporting our members and their teams with the continuing professional development resources they need in delivering safe medical care. In the coming months, we will assess which Saegis programs can be transferred to CMPA’s Safe Medical Care Learning group. Bringing Saegis programs “in-house” will allow us to offer our members a greater range of relevant and specialized continuing education products as part of their CMPA membership.

Being here for our members

My goals as CEO are to be there for our members, to modernize the CMPA, and to take a collaborative approach. At this challenging time in Canadian healthcare, I want to ensure we provide our members with educational resources that are relevant to them and their practice. I am committed to staying in touch with our members and providing more information about the new education programs.

The CMPA is a trusted partner in learning and providing continuing professional development (CPD) credits aimed at the delivery of safe, quality medical care. We encourage our members to browse our current Education & Events for more learning opportunities.

Lisa Calder, MD, MSc, FRCPC
Chief Executive Officer