Saegis learning resources transferred to CMPA

In August 2022, after much deliberation, CMPA Council decided to wind down our subsidiary, Saegis.

For over five years, Saegis provided professional development programs to Canadian physicians, healthcare professionals, teams, hospitals, and clinics. CMPA Council felt that, in light of the pace of change in today’s healthcare environment, the significant healthcare human resource crisis, and our members’ quickly evolving needs, it would be best to consolidate CMPA’s learning efforts within the Association itself.

As a result, a number of learning resources previously offered by Saegis have been transferred to the CMPA. Specifically, members can continue to access:

  • Successful Patient Interactions
  • Clinical Communications Program
  • Effective Team Interactions
  • Strategies for Managing Unprofessional Behavior
  • Just Culture in Healthcare

These courses will be available to physicians and members of their teams as an added benefit, with no additional cost. For more information regarding these courses, as well as other CMPA learning offerings, please visit CMPA workshops.