Responsible governance practices

The CMPA Council is committed to responsible governance practices. As stated in the council's terms of reference [PDF], "the primary purpose of the Council is to foster, through sound governance, the long-term success of the Association consistent with its Strategic Plan and responsibilities to the members."

The council actively displays this commitment through its leadership and participation in a variety of governance activities including:

  • Council evaluation — Council performs a biennial evaluation to assess its effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Individual councillor evaluation — Upon reaching the mid-point in his or her three-year term, each councillor participates in an individual evaluation process. The objective of this evaluation is to improve individual performance and strengthen the nomination process by providing to the Nominating Committee a peer perspective of a councillor's performance.
  • Committee structure and effectiveness review — To ensure the duties and responsibilities delegated by council to its committees meet the Association's needs, a biennial review of the committee structure and effectiveness is performed.

Members of council and all non-council committee members are required to adhere to the Association's Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Guidelines [PDF]. This includes the requirement to sign an acknowledgement each year.