By-law 52

A by-law to regulate generally the affairs of The Canadian Medical Protective Association

Article one: Interpretation
Article two: Conditions of membership
Article three: Members' meetings
Article four: Council
Article five: Directors and officers
Article six: Association assistance

Article one: Interpretation

1.01 Head Office. The head office of the Association shall be located in Ottawa. The Association may, by a by-law approved by two-thirds (2/3) of the annual meeting of Members, change the place or municipality and the province in which the head office of the Association shall be located.
1.02 Definitions. In this By-law and in all resolutions of the Association, unless the context otherwise requires, the following terms have the meanings specified:
(a) "Association" means The Canadian Medical Protective Association incorporated by the Act;
(b) "Council" means The Council of the Association as described in Article 4 and "Councillor" means a Member of Council as provided in Article 4;
(c) "Executive Committee" means the Committee of Council constituted in accordance with Section 4.15;
(d) "Meeting of Members" means an Annual or Special meeting of the Members or both;
(e) "Member" means a Member of the Association in good standing pursuant to Article 2;
(f) "The Act" means An Act to Incorporate The Canadian Medical Protective Association, Statutes of Canada, 3-4 Geo V, Chapter 91.
1.03 The insertion of headings in this By-law is for convenience only and shall not affect the constructions or interpretation thereof.


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