Fay Leung

Fay Leung *


Vancouver, British Columbia
Orthopedic surgery

Area 1, Division B

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Candidate statement

As a present CMPA councillor, I am writing to express my intent to seek re-election to Council for a second term. Serving on Council during my first term has been an incredible experience personally and professionally.

During my initial term, I had the privilege of gaining a deep understanding of the CMPA and its pivotal role in promoting safe medical care and protecting the integrity of healthcare professionals. This experience has allowed me to delve into the association's governance model, strengthening my commitment to lifelong learning and continuous improvement. I have deeply valued building relationships and collaborating with exceptionally talented and diverse individuals in both management and on Council. The core values of the CMPA of excellence, integrity and the betterment of healthcare are strongly aligned with my own personal and professional values as a medical educator and academic leader.

As a female Orthopedic surgeon and a visible minority, my presence on the Council Board has offered a unique perspective that I believe is crucial for representing the interests of a diverse and inclusive healthcare community. My practice is both academic and community-based, allowing me to bring a well-rounded perspective to the table. During my first term, I served on the Governance Committee at the initiation of the governance review, where we took important steps toward refining our organizational structure. Additionally, I have been an active member of the Membership and Stakeholder Committee and our collaboration with management contributed to the successful execution of our Annual Meeting. My involvement in the Extent of Assistance committee has furthered my understanding of the current and future issues our members face, and how the CMPA can continue to best meet these needs.

In my next term on CMPA Council, I am excited to continue my journey of growth and to contribute meaningfully to the organization. I am particularly invested in continuing our work to modernize in response to our rapidly changing health care environment. I am committed to furthering our efforts in the areas of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI), ensuring that our organization remains at the forefront of promoting these essential values. I am excited for my role in the newly established CMOC (Case Management Oversight Committee) and to contribute to the development of safe medical practices.

I am dedicated to the mission and vision of the CMPA, and I am eager to continue serving our members and the healthcare community in this capacity.

Relevant skills and experience

Practice Appointments

WorkSafe BC

Visiting Specialist

University of British Columbia Hospital

Associate Staff

Richmond Hospital

Medical Staff

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University of British Columbia

Residency Program Director
Clinical Assistant Professor

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Case Management Oversight Committee
Extent of Assistance Committee
Member and Stakeholder Relations Committee
Governance Committee

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Email: [email protected]
Phone: 6046162313

* Proposed through the Nominating Committee