2024 Council elections

2024 Election period: VOTING CLOSED

Each year approximately one-third of CMPA Council positions are scheduled for nomination and election. Any practising CMPA member in an Area and Division with position(s) scheduled for nomination and election may seek nomination.

Key dates and activities for the 2023-24 election cycle

September 29, 2023
Deadline for submissions for consideration by the Nominating Committee 


February 14, 2024
Deadline for receipt of nominations from the membership

January 10, 2024
Release of the Report of the Nominating Committee - slate of candidates proposed by Committee 

March 27, 2024
Online voting opens for members in areas where elections are required

May 1, 2024
Online voting ends  

May 29, 2024
Election results available online

August 14, 2024
Election results announced at the CMPA Annual Meeting

2024 CMPA Council candidates

In 2024, voting occurred for 1 position in British Columbia and Yukon and 1 position in Manitoba. 10 candidates were elected by acclamation. Election results will be available online on May 29 and announced on August 14 at the CMPA Annual Meeting.

2024 candidates in election

2024 candidates elected by acclamation

Area 1 – British Columbia and Yukon

Division B - 1 position, 3 candidates

Photo of Mark Elliott Mark Elliott
Vancouver, BC

Photo of Odion Kalaci Odion Kalaci
West Vancouver, BC

Photo of Fay Leung Fay Leung*
Vancouver, BC
Orthopedic surgery

Area 4 – Manitoba

Division A or B - 1 position, 2 candidates

Photo of Dr. Darcy Johnson Darcy Johnson*
Winnipeg, MB
Family medicine

Photo of Caleb Zelenietz Caleb Zelenietz
Winnipeg, MB

*Proposed by the CMPA Nominating Committee

Scheduled positions

In 2024, 12 Council positions were scheduled for nomination and election in the following Areas and Divisions*

  • Area 1 (British Columbia and Yukon): 1 position in Division A and 1 position in Division B
  • Area 4 (Manitoba): 1 position in Division A or B
  • Area 5 (Ontario): 2 positions in Division A and 3 positions in Division B
  • Area 6 (Québec): 3 positions in Division B
  • Areas 1-10: 1 national position in Division A, to be filled by a member engaged in a residency program in Canada

*Visit our Nomination and election process page for information on Council representation and Divisions A and B.

To become a CMPA Council member

  1. Read about who we are looking for and your role on Council.
  2. Learn about the nomination and election process, and the documents you need to submit.
  3. Complete and submit all required material by the posted deadlines. The 2024-2025 nomination period opens in late August 2024.

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