Odion Kalaci

Odion Kalaci


West Vancouver, British Columbia

Area 1, Division B

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Candidate statement

Who Am I?
I am a pediatrician in Vancouver, BC, predominantly working out of my community practice and my hospital position in the NICU at BC Women's Hospital. I am currently in my 5th year of practice. I think this last point is crucial because the overwhelming majority of the Council is 10+ years into practice; I believe I can provide great diversity in just this aspect alone.

CMPA Experience
I have actually been on the CMPA Council previously. This took place during my last year of residency in 2018-2019 when I was elected as the Resident Representative for all of Canada. In my brief time with the organization, I got an inside look at the inner workings of the council, and did not hesitate to provide the resident perspective on subject matters.
This time around, I'm looking to do the same, but provide more of a geographic representation as the BC Specialist rep.

BC Representation
I currently represent all pediatricians as the BC Pediatric Society President. The scope of the position is quite involved but it has given me a great knowledge of the medico-political landscape of the province I am looking to represent.
I have been able to do locums throughout the province as well, which have given me a good understanding of the medicine and the needs of this province.

Healthcare Sector
The issues in healthcare seem to have culminated and many physicians feel like we're nearing the breaking point. Predominantly these generally have to do with funding, burnout, practice management, ever-growing waitlists, etc. While the CMPA is not directly the one that's going to fix these issues, the Council can certainly do everything from their end to make sure physician health, wealth, and burnout is optimized. For example, many physicians are stressed about the college's 24/7 coverage rules regarding clinics; the CMPA could certainly be a bit more direct in helping physicians understand duty of care and the legal premises behind this. Issues like this are certainly within the mandate of the CMPA.

Relevant skills and experience

Practice Appointments

Vancouver Coastal Health


BC Women's and Children's Hospital


Professional Appointments

Council of Specialists of BC

Pediatrics Representative

BC Pediatric Society

Board of Director and Treasurer

Resident Doctors of Canada

CMPA Council Representative
Board of Directors

UBC Pediatrics

Chief Resident