Leadership team

The CMPA's executive leadership team (ELT) includes the Chief Executive Officer, the Associate Chief Executive Officer and six Executive Directors, who each bring a unique and diverse set of skills to advance our assistance to and support of members and our contributions to safe medical care across the healthcare system.

ELT is supported by departmental directors and managers with expertise in specialized areas of administration.

Photo of Lisa A. Calder

Chief Executive Officer

Lisa Calder, MD, MSc, FRCPC

“We are here for you. We will modernize the CMPA. We will do so collaboratively.”

Photo of W. Todd Watkins

Associate Chief Executive Officer

W. Todd Watkins, BSc(Hon), MD, CCFP, CCPE
The Associate Chief Executive Officer team:
  • Supports the CEO and provides strategic communication advice and assistance across all internal and external channels
  • Advances strategic advocacy efforts and engages and collaborates with stakeholders to build strong external relationships
  • Oversees the governance functions of the Association including Council, Executive and Council Committees

Photo of Cory Garbolinsky

Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer, Financial Services

Cory Garbolinsky, CPA, CA
The Financial Services team:
  • Provides strong financial oversight and investment management
  • Provides actuarial services to support the development of member fees, and assess and manage the financial impacts of organizational risk

Photo of Pamela Eisener-Parsche

Executive Director, Member Experience

Pamela Eisener-Parsche, MD, CCFP(COE), FCFP, CCPE
The Member Experience team:
  • Provides members with medico-legal advice, assistance, and protection – focuses on delivering an excellent service experience across the Association
  • Oversees the delivery of membership services and the physician wellness strategy

Photo of Armand Aalamian

Executive Director, Learning

Armand Aalamian, MDCM, CCFP, FCFP

The Learning team:
  • Develops and provides education to members and teams to enhance the safety, reliability, and quality of healthcare
  • Supports the CMPA in its continuing growth to become a modern learning organization and supports the internal learning needs of CMPA staff, leaders and governance through internal education and collaboration.

Photo of Chantz Strong

Executive Director, Research & Analytics and Chief Privacy Officer

Chantz Strong, BSc, MSc
The Research and Analytics team:
  • Provides research and analysis to support informed decision making and develop evidence-based, safe medical care products, and services
  • Develops and enforces privacy standards and manages internal information and records

Photo of Christine Holstead

Executive Director, Strategy and Operations

Christine Holstead, BMath, MBA, CMC
The Strategy and Operations team:
  • Monitors the healthcare and medical liability systems and develops insight to support strategic planning and performance
  • Provides secure, reliable, and adaptable applications and technology that support corporate operations and member services

Photo of Leah Keith

Executive Director, People and Culture

Leah Keith, BCom(Hon), CHRL, CCP
The People and Culture team:
  • Fosters a supportive culture that values diversity and inclusion, encourages continuous learning, and inspires professional excellence
  • Creates a compelling employee experience in which the CMPA's people are inspired, motivated and engaged