Advocating for system improvements that nurture healthy work environments and foster the delivery of safe care

The CMPA advocates for system enhancements that allow physicians to focus on what they do best - providing safe, quality care to their patients.

Our data, research, insights, and unique perspectives enable us to provide unique input on key legislation, regulations, and policies on medico-legal issues as well as on a range of subjects that can affect the safety of care and the culture of healthcare environments.

Healthcare and public policy advocacy

Advice, input, and calls to action on key healthcare and medico-legal legislation, regulation, and policies.

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Published research

CMPA research is published in peer-reviewed journals, and informs collaborative research initiatives.

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Request medico-legal data

CMPA welcomes members to collaborate with us to develop and implement novel ways of enhancing safe medical care.

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Advocating on issues arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic

Throughout the pandemic, we continue to advocate on matters that impact the lives of both patients and physicians. We have advocated on:

  • Personal protective equipment (PPE): Supporting the Canadian Medical Forum’s call to action on PPE, urging governments to develop recommendations that protect the safety of physicians and patients.
  • Critical care triage protocols: Engaging with governments, Medical Regulatory Authorities and other healthcare stakeholders to support the development of critical policies, such as critical care triage protocols, providing physicians the guidance and support they need to care for their patients.
  • Legislation for protection during COVID-19: Urging provincial governments across the country to enact legislation that provides medico-legal protection to physicians delivering care during COVID-19.
  • Virtual care: Working with Colleges and provincial medical associations and federations to facilitate safe virtual care across provincial borders, enhancing access to needed COVID-19 care for patients.

Advocating for improvements to the Canadian medico-legal system

The CMPA recognizes that there are opportunities to enhance and effect positive change to the Canadian medico-legal system.

We are committed to working with our partners to support civil justice reforms that improve access to justice, shorten the time required to resolve cases (including alternative dispute resolution) and improve case management and proportionality in the adjudication of disputes.

This forms part of our commitment to you – our members and all patients - to bringing cases to an early and fair resolution while reducing costs for all parties.

For more information, visit Championing a fair medical liability system.