Our core values

CMPA core values

At the CMPA, we are committed to the following core values in all that we do — for our members and for Canadian healthcare.


CMPA is a mutual defence organization – not an insurance company. When physicians join the CMPA, they agree to collectively share the costs, risks, and benefits of their CMPA membership. Members are eligible for assistance for matters related to the practice of medicine, and, in return, they commit to mutuality, including the expectation to practise in a manner consistent with the values of the medical profession, and to act in accordance with the existing obligations of the CMPA By-law and other obligations determined by the Association’s member-elected Council.

Discretionary assistance

The CMPA extends assistance to members who experience medical-legal difficulties from their medical professional work, based on the facts and circumstances of a member’s particular situation. This allows for flexibility in the service provided rather than denying assistance based on defined policies.

Ethical defence

The CMPA provides members with an appropriate and ethical defence and, in keeping with its philosophy of "defending the defensible" does not settle unsubstantiated claims for expediency or economic reasons. The CMPA seeks to do this in as timely a manner as is feasible.

Safe medical care

Within the context of a quality healthcare system and in collaboration with stakeholders, the CMPA is committed to enhancing the safety of medical care.

Service excellence

Through a physician-to-physician assistance model, the CMPA provides members with a broad range of relevant and high quality services, in an empathetic and non-judgmental manner.

Responsible stewardship

The CMPA operates in accordance with sound governance and management practices that support prudent administration of the resources entrusted to it.