Annual online fee payment FAQ

The CMPA offers an annual online fee payment option for members who wish to pay their membership fee through online banking. This option also allows members to pay in person at their financial institution or by telephone banking. All payments are due in FULL no later than January 1 of each year. For more information and eligibility, review the following FAQ document.

What is an annual online fee payment?

An annual online fee payment enables members to pay their annual fee through online banking. Members who choose annual online fee payment must pay their invoice in FULL, in one lump sum. This option also allows members to pay in person at their financial institution or by telephone banking.

Who is eligible to use this method of payment?

This method of payment is available to regular members with continuous membership. It is not available to members who take advantage of the transitioning to practice payment option, locums, or applicants.

When do I need to pay my membership fee?

You will need to pay your fee no later than January 1 of each year, or immediately upon changing your method of payment.

Can I pay my fee using a credit card?

The CMPA does not accept credit card payments because of the additional costs incurred to process these payments.

Can I pay my fee on a monthly basis using online banking?

Online banking will be available to members for the payment of their annual fee in one lump sum. The Association is unable to offer a monthly payment option under this method. However, pre-authorized debit continues to be available to members who wish to pay their fee on a monthly basis.

Will members receiving early reimbursements be able to pay their fee using online banking?

Members will still be eligible for online fee payment. Payments are due in one lump sum on January 1 of each year. However, they will receive their reimbursement as determined by their provincial reimbursement organization. Please note that this option is not currently available to Québec members who participate in Québec early reimbursement due to the requirements of that program.

How do I select CMPA as a payee?

Members should contact their financial institution for instructions on setting up payees as this process may differ from one institution to another. A member number is required when setting up the CMPA as a payee.

I just sent my payment. Have you received it?

The Association requires 72 hours (3 business days) before our Finance department can see your payment.

Is Annual online fee payment offered through Canadian banks only?

Yes, all individual membership payments must be remitted from a Canadian personal bank account.

What account or reference number do I use when I establish CMPA as a payee with my bank?

Your account number is your CMPA membership number.