Member Support Program

At the CMPA we’re physicians too, and we know that sometimes we all need a little extra help in our practice. That’s why we offer the Member Support Program (MSP).

The program offers targeted support services for members whose medical-legal experiences are greater than their peers in the same type of work.

The MSP seeks to help members:

  • recognize and reduce medical-legal risk
  • decrease the likelihood of facing future medical-legal matters

By providing customized advice, assistance, and education, the program contributes to improving the safety of medical care by helping CMPA members recognize and address factors that may contribute to a higher-than-average rate of medical-legal experience, returning confidence and satisfaction to the practice of medicine.

Video: Introduction to the Member Support Program

The Member Support Program aims to assist members whose medical-legal experiences are higher than those of their peers in the same type of work.

Watch the video to learn more.

How does the program work?

The program benefits all members by promoting safe care and a sustainable medical-liability system in Canada. Our goal is to help members practice safely and in a manner that contributes to their professional standing and satisfaction.

There are four main steps to the program: 1) identification, 2) assessment, 3) development of an education plan, and 4) ongoing support.

  1. Identification: To better understand our members’ needs, the CMPA reviews medical-legal case histories to identify opportunities for proactive support and assistance. Our physician advisors are also trained to recognize trends which indicate an increasing level of medical-legal risk. When a member’s medical-legal experience is greater than his/her peers in the same type of work, or the member demonstrates increased medical-legal risk, we refer the member to the MSP for an assessment.

  2. Assessment: The assessment looks at the member’s medical-legal history with the CMPA over the past 10 years; and is intended to help us identify any factors, if they exist, which may be contributing to the member’s increased rate of medical-legal experience.
    • Every situation is unique. We work with each member to discuss and truly understand the circumstances and factors contributing to his/her medical-legal experience.
    • The program is aimed at members who can genuinely benefit from additional support through MSP activities.
  3. Development of an education plan: Following the assessment and member input, we work with each member to develop a tailored education and support plan to help address the factors that are causing difficulties.

  4. Ongoing support: The final step of the program is follow-up and ongoing support. The MSP team regularly confers with the member, provides advice and helps the member take an active role to decrease the likelihood of new matters arising in practice.

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