Medico-legal difficulties

A legal action, complaint to a medical regulatory authority (College), or other medico-legal difficulties arising from a physician's professional work can entail considerable anxiety for all involved. The CMPA is standing by to assist.

When difficulties arise, members are encouraged to contact the CMPA as soon as possible for advice and, if necessary, legal assistance. Contacting the CMPA promptly benefits members because, in our experience, this makes it easier for issues to be resolved.

Examples of the types of medico-legal difficulties with which the CMPA assists include:

  • civil legal actions
  • regulatory authority (College) complaints, investigations, and disciplinary hearings
  • coroner's inquest and other fatality inquiries
  • billing audits and inquiries
  • hospital complaints and privilege matters
  • criminal proceedings
  • privacy legislation breaches and privacy complaints
  • human rights complaints

When you contact the CMPA you will be assisted by one of our physician advisors — a physician with a clinical practice background who understands your situation. The physician advisor will assist you and, if appropriate, make arrangements with legal counsel. All personal information you share with the CMPA is held in strict confidence. For details read the CMPA's privacy policy.

As a member, you are eligible for assistance in the form of legal representation, and payment of legal costs, judgments, or settlements to compensate patients when it is determined they were harmed by negligent care.

As your association, we understand each situation is unique and can sometimes be complex. You can be confident in the knowledge that the CMPA is backed by a team of seasoned experts — physicians and legal counsel with experience in all medical-legal areas.

Find out more about how we protect you and learn about our principles of assistance.