Providing care as a good Samaritan

Published October 2009 / Reviewed August 2013

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The following outlines the CMPA's principles of assistance for members who provide care as a good Samaritan.

In determining eligibility for CMPA assistance, the CMPA views good Samaritan care as a member offering or called up to provide medical care to someone requiring urgent or emergent medical assistance when such assistance is not otherwise immediately available (e.g. sick or injured persons encountered at the scene of a motor vehicle crash, or on a domestic or international flight). This medical assistance is provided until more definitive care can be mobilized. The role of a good Samaritan is not constrained by location: such care may occur within Canada, in other countries, or in international waters or airspace.  

Regardless of where the circumstances occur and recognizing that the urgent or emergent care is provided as a good Samaritan, CMPA members will generally be eligible for assistance. Under these circumstances and until more definitive medical care can be accessed, physicians should consider assisting the sick or injured individuals.

While CMPA assistance is intended for professional work done in Canada, members will be eligible for assistance if good Samaritan care is provided within Canada, in other countries, or in international jurisdictions.