Governance review update

To have continued success and long-term viability, CMPA must ensure we are evolving where needed, including our governance structure.

What’s been done

For over a year, we have worked with third party governance experts to conduct a comprehensive review of our governance framework. The review has been deliberately broad and deep, covering all aspects of governance. As part of this work, we’ve gathered information from similar organizations, considered current and evolving practices, and identified elements within our existing model that remain sacred.

In early fall 2023, we sought your feedback via a Governance Review survey. We received great feedback, which will help inform our next steps in the process. Thank you to all members who took the time to participate.

What’s next?

  • Participate: In 2024, we will be hosting a series of virtual townhalls to seek additional feedback from all members. Details will be announced in the new year.
  • Stay informed: We will continue to keep you informed of our progress through updates in eBulletins and the CMPA website. We will also hold an information session at our 2024 Annual Meeting in Halifax (August 14, 2024) to share the new model and answer your questions.
  • Vote: Following the information session at our Annual Meeting, members will vote on the new mode.

Once the model is approved by our members, we will embark on a new implementation phase that will involve the drafting of revised bylaws to assist in charting our path forward, setting ourselves up for success in a complex and rapidly changing environment.

We encourage members to take part in our virtual townhalls and vote at the 2024 Annual Meeting. In the meantime, if you’d like to know more about our current governance model, visit About CMPA governance.