FAQ: Education and research

When and where will an upcoming CMPA resident symposium be held? How can I register?

Read more about Virtual workshops for residents.

How can I arrange to have an educational session presented by either a physician from the CMPA or by legal counsel?

Educational sessions are available on request by completing a request form.

I can't find an article that appeared in the CMPA Perspective. What should I do?

The CMPA is no longer producing the print edition of CMPA Perspective. Articles continue to be published on the CMPA website. To find CMPA articles:

  • Go to the Browse articles page and browse articles by topic, or
  • Enter the topic or article name in the Search box.
  • If you still can't find an article, contact us.

Does the CMPA provide grants or funding for research?

No, the CMPA grants program concluded in 2015. We no longer accept research grant applications or requests for funding.

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