FAQ: Membership

How can I change my address or other personal information?

On the member portal you can:

Call the CMPA at 1-800-267-6522 Monday to Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. ET.

Who is eligible for CMPA membership? How do I apply?

You may apply for CMPA membership if you are a graduate in medicine and are duly licensed or registered by a Canadian provincial/territorial medical regulatory (licensing) authority. Apply online here.

I do not have a licence number yet. Can I still submit my application?

Yes, you can. Under the licence/registration information section, simply indicate the type of licence you will obtain and the province/territory of licensure.

You will be required to provide your licence/registration number and its effective date once that information becomes available.

Will my membership begin as soon as the CMPA receives my application?

Membership can only begin once the CMPA receives your completed application form, licensing information, all necessary documents and payment arrangements.

What is the minimum period of membership for first-time applicants?

First-time applicants must pay for a minimum of two months in the first calendar year.

What is the cost of my annual membership?

To find out how much you need to pay, consult our fees and payment methods or call 1-800-267-6522 Monday to Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. ET.

Can membership fees be paid with a credit card? How can I pay my membership fee?

The CMPA does not accept credit cards for payment of membership fees. Members can pay their membership fee by pre-authorized debit.

If you are applying from outside of Canada, you can start the process of opening a Canadian bank account and then finalize it upon arriving to Canada. By starting this process, you will acquire the banking information required to complete your application.

Are CMPA fees tax deductible?

About the CMPA annual receipt for membership fee

I need a Statement of Protection as proof of CMPA membership. How do I get one?

Members can print a Statement of Protection or call 1-800-267-6522 and use our automated phone attendant (option 1) to have proof of protection sent via email.

Can membership be interrupted temporarily?

Members can interrupt their membership temporarily for a period of two to twelve calendar months.

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