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Each question has 5 possible answers from which to choose. Only one choice is the most correct answer. Each choice may be accompanied by an explanation.

You are a physician. During a holiday long weekend your spouse has a reoccurrence of a migraine. Because his family doctor is not available and you know the emergency department will be busy, you write a prescription for a low potency narcotic and take it to the pharmacy. You are later notified by the medical regulatory authority (College) that the pharmacist has made a complaint.

What is the most likely basis for the pharmacist's complaint?

You are an unmarried physician, new to the region. One of your first patients has recently separated. The two of you go on a dinner date. Later the patient's separated spouse learns of this and makes a complaint to the medical regulatory authority (College).

What is the College's most likely response?

A woman of child bearing age presents with lower abdominal pain. Thinking that an ectopic pregnancy is part of the differential diagnosis, the male physician abruptly asks if she is sexually active. There is no explanation for the reason for the question. The patient becomes alarmed. She refuses a pelvic exam and leaves the office upset.

In this case the patient's alarm is most likely due to:


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