2019 Annual Report Highlights

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“As we look back on the CMPA’s achievements of 2019, it’s striking how much our world has been changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is, however, reassuring to take stock of how the CMPA’s work in 2019 and our ongoing evolution to support the changing expectations of both members and the healthcare system has allowed us to respond to the current challenges. This annual report offers such a retrospective and includes key areas where we’ve made a tangible impact in the safety of medical care and on the lives of physicians.”

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  • Photo: Debra E. Boyce
    Debra E. Boyce, BSc, MD, CCFP, FCFP
    CMPA President
  • Photo: E. Douglas Bell
    E. Douglas Bell, MD, FRCSC
    Acting Chief Executive Officer/Executive Director

Our commitment to our physician members and to the healthcare system at large is about empowering better healthcare. Learn more in our 2019-2022 Strategic Plan.

Assist physicians

Canadian physicians care for their patients, confident the CMPA will assist them in reducing their medical liability risk and protect their professional integrity.

101,872 members

  • 50% medical and surgical specialists
  • 37% family medicine
  • 13% residents

Delivering high quality medical liability protection

Newly opened in 2019

22,967 new advice

  • 4,827 College (medical regulatory authority) matters
  • 2,129 Hospital Matters
  • 854 Legal actions

Meeting members’ evolving needs

  • Tailored support provided through the Member Support Program to over 360 members in need
  • Clinical Communication programming provided through our subsidiary Saegis

Taking tangible steps to support physician wellness

  • Providing compassionate physician-to-physician education, advice and assistance
  • Promoting a just culture that prioritizes safe medical care
  • Collaborating on resources and changes that support physician and healthcare provider wellness

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Contribute to safe medical care

In support of a high quality and effective healthcare system, the CMPA contributes to safe medical care to reduce harm resulting from the provision of care.

Supporting physicians along the continuum of practice

Education sessions

277 events

13,876 attendees


Helping the next generation of physicians improve patient safety

Resident Symposia

11 medical

over 1,700 participating


Supporting quality improvement in surgical teams

  • 42 participants
  • 3-day team-based Theatre Arts program

Using our medical-legal data to impact members’ practice and the healthcare system

  • 4 manuscripts focused on improving obstetrical safety
  • Surgical Fires and Burns: A 5-Year Analysis of Medico-Legal Cases manuscript

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Support the medical liability system

The CMPA supports an effective and sustainable medical liability system that meets the needs of physicians and their patients.

Contributing to an effective practice environment

Top 5 areas of engagement

  • Patient safety (medical assistance in dying, cannabis)
  • Professional standards and guidelines
  • Digital medicine (apps, e-prescribing)
  • Patient records and retention
  • Membership fees and system costs

Supporting physicians navigating technology changes in the system


Empowering an engaged and adaptive CMPA workforce

In 2019, as we moved to adopt new technologies that will support improved data-driven decision-making, our staff were empowered to re-think, re-imagine and propose new ideas to ensure we continue to meet the changing needs of members

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Financial performance

The Association’s long-term financial objective is to hold at least one dollar of assets available for claims for each dollar of discounted liabilities.

Compensation to patients


On behalf of our members, the CMPA provides timely and appropriate compensation for patients proven to have been injured as a result of negligent medical care (fault in Québec).

Provision for outstanding claims

Up by $91 MILLION

The CMPA actuarially estimates the total resources required to provide protection to our members including providing compensation to patients.

Investment returns on assets to compensate patients and support members

11.3% *

The CMPA invests to secure sufficient funds to compensate injured patients and to decrease membership fees.
* Investment returns will differ from accounting returns as it is based on the fair value of private assets.

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