About CMPA Council

The CMPA is governed by an elected Council of 31 practising physicians who, working together and with CMPA management, foster the long-term success of the Association. Each year, approximately one-third of the positions on council are scheduled for nomination and election. The Council meets quarterly to foster the long-term success of the Association.

Council 2021-2022

View the list of 2021-2022 Council members.

Responsibilities of Council and councillors

In accordance with the CMPA's Act of Incorporation and Bylaw [PDF], the Council is responsible for overseeing how the business of the Association is conducted and to direct management, to whom the council delegates the responsibilities for the day-to-day conduct of business. Article 4 of the by-law outlines the requirements of the Council.

The terms of reference for Council and councillors [PDF] sets out the way in which the Council organizes and conducts itself to fulfill its responsibilities, and describes the responsibilities of councillors.

Responsibilities of the president and vice-presidents

As specified in Article 5 of the CMPA Bylaw, the Council elects the president and one or more vice-presidents. The president provides leadership in guiding the Council and coordinating its activities, and may or may not be its chair. Two vice-presidents assist the president, and have powers and duties that the president may delegate or the council may prescribe.

The president and vice-presidents are elected annually through secret ballot by the council, using an elimination voting method. The president may serve for a maximum of two years; there is no limit on the tenure for vice-presidents.

The mandate, duties, and responsibilities of the president and vice-presidents are provided in the terms of reference for the president and vice-presidents [PDF].

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee meets monthly and acts on the Council's behalf between meetings of Council. Much of the Council's work is carried out through committees.

Responsible governance practices

The CMPA Council is committed to responsible governance practices.