2024 Report of the Nominating Committee

After careful consideration, the Nominating Committee has prepared its slate of proposed candidates to fill the positions on Council scheduled for nomination and election in 2024.

About the nominees

In 2024, there are 12 Council positions scheduled for nomination and election. Profiles of each nominee chosen by the Nominating Committee are provided here for your information.

Each candidate brings a range of skills, experience and knowledge to the CMPA. As a group, the candidates have been proposed based on their collective skills, diversity, and ability to contribute to the broad range of issues the Council considers when overseeing CMPA business and affairs.

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Proposed nominees

Visit the nominee pages to learn about the diverse skills and experience of each candidate, and see the unique value each one could bring to your Association.



1 position available in Division A

Photo of Michael Curry Michael Curry
Vancouver, BC
Emergency medicine/Family medicine

1 position available in Division B

Photo of Fay Leung Fay Leung
Vancouver, BC
Orthopedic surgery


1 position available in Division A or B

Photo of Darcy Johnson Darcy Johnson
Winnipeg, MB
Family medicine

Area 5 – ONTARIO

2 positions available in Division A

Photo of Paul Healey Paul Healey
Oakville, ON
Emergency medicine

Photo of Clover Hemans Clover Hemans
Burlington, ON
Family medicine

3 positions available in Division B

Photo of Gerald Craigen Gerry Craigen
Toronto, ON

Photo of Michael Sullivan Michael Sullivan
Toronto, ON
Anesthesiology, Critical care

Photo of Joyce Zhang Joyce Zhang
Toronto, ON
Internal medicine, Occupational medicine

Area 6 – QUÉBEC

3 positions available in Division B

Photo of Vivianne Khoury Viviane Khoury
Laval, QC

Photo of Geneviève Lalonde Geneviève Lalonde
Québec, QC

Photo of Yanick Larivée Yanick Larivée
Granby, QC

Areas 1-10 – National resident position

1 position available in Division A

Photo of Victoria Januszkiewicz Victoria Januszkiewicz
Kingston, ON
PGY4, Obstetrics and gynecology

What does the Nominating Committee look for in a candidate?

The CMPA seeks and values diversity among Council members. A wide range of perspectives and opinions promotes effective governance and is vital to the CMPA’s ability to respond to the complex, multi-stakeholder environment in which it operates.

We aim for a strong Council where the experience of each member combines to meet the needs of the Association. Our Council seeks to reflect diversity across characteristics such as gender, age, sexual orientation and gender identity, ethnicity and race, persons with disabilities, as well as geography and medical specialty.

Nominee experience and attributes

Useful experience and attributes for nominees include one or more of the following: a strong clinical background, leadership capabilities, outreach work, medical education or research experience, governance, business or legal experience, and financial or investment literacy.

The Nominating Committee assesses and considers the strengths, needs and diversity of Council annually. This assessment guides the selection of the slate of candidates and informs this final report.

Please visit the Nomination and election process page for information on Council representation and descriptions of Division A and B.

Additional Information