Darija Vujosevic

Darija Vujosevic*


St Catharines, Ontario
Family medicine

Area 5, Division A

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Candidate statement

I believe I will bring a diverse point of view to CMPA Council, from my education as foreign graduate (practising in Bosnia and Bermuda) and experiences of going through a Canadian Medical system and residency to today, so all those diverse experiences are positioning me well to be innovative and look for solutions outside of current practice patterns. For the last 15 years my clinical area of expertise was in a comprehensive primary care model, my current practice is a part of a team based setting, so I am very well aware of interdisciplinary team environment and dynamics of joint patient care and specific accountabilities of all practitioners in such models. Strong interpersonal, communication and team-based skills are what positions me well to understand not only what are the necessary ingredients of excellent patient care but also what creates barriers in care delivery, why care gets jeopardized and what is the best remedy to solve the problem in the most efficient and satisfactory way for patient, practitioner and the system as a whole. What will challenge our healthcare system and CMPA itself is rapid change in care delivery, reliance on digital and virtual tools and infiltration of AI in various facets of patient care, just to name a few. All of these factors will create a novel risks and will pose specific issues for population health, for system stakeholders, practising physicians and various other practitioners and the lines will be blurred as to who will be responsible and accountable in this new era and new emerging healthcare system. CMPA and its Council will need to be proactive and look for ways to mitigate risks, create clear strategic goals, short and long term, and continue working on clear lines of communication within its own ranks but also with outside partners. CMPA also needs to be continuously responsive to the needs of its membership and to listen about member experiences from the frontline and to constantly work to improve its package of services offered to members. I believe in many areas listed above I will be able to contribute efficiently and actively and provide my expertise. Thank you to the Nominating Committee for your consideration.

Relevant skills and experience

Practice Appointments

Niagara North Family Health Team

Lead Physician

Professional Appointments

Ontario Medical Association

Board member, SGFP

Election contact information

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 9053292910

* Proposed by the CMPA Nominating Committee