Kathryn Anne Shufelt

Katy Shufelt *


Peterborough, Ontario
Interventional cardiology

Area 5, Division B

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Candidate statement

I am proud to have served on Council for two terms and be seeking re-election in 2023. The core business of the CMPA is providing legal assistance to Canadian physicians. When facing this stressful circumstance, members can count on a high level of expertise and empathetic support from the CMPA’s medicolegal team. When you call the CMPA, you speak with a fellow physician who understands what you face on the frontline of health care. Similarly, the CMPA is governed by a Council of practicing physicians. I am an Interventional Cardiologist in a regional community hospital and teach through the Queens Family Medicine residency program and Trent University. Challenges faced in my practice motivate me to ensure Canadian physicians have a strong organization to support their medico-legal needs and ability to provide safe medical care.

Physicians face increasing demands from patients, colleges, hospitals and governments to do more with less. There are ongoing resource shortages from the pandemic and an aging population. Alternate health care providers overlap with the physicians’ role, EMRs increase our administrative workload and risk of privacy breaches and we are closely scrutinized in traditional and social media. We exist in a complex medicolegal environment which requires advocacy from our national organizations. As Chair of the Membership and Stakeholder Committee (2019-2022), I helped guide the formation of CMPA’s new department of Strategic Engagement and Advocacy, the goal of which is to work with stakeholders to protect the integrity of Canadian physicians and enhance their ability to practice safe medical care.

In my 2nd term, I took part in hiring our new CEO and developing the 2023-2026 Strategic Plan. Council ensured that CMPA’s compensation structure and working environment is modern and responsive to attract and retain the best talent. As Chair of the Legal Services Oversight Committee, I ensure members have highly effective legal services functioning in a fiscally responsible manner. We dropped member fees across all regions in 2022 due to responsible spending, robust actuarial modelling and good investment performance. I have deepened knowledge through Leadership and Corporate Governance courses at Harvard Business School. In 2022, I was elected by Council as 2nd Vice President and am expected to serve as President in 2026-2028. I would be grateful for your support in continuing my mandate with re-election to the Ontario Division B position.

Relevant skills and experience

Practice Appointments

Peterborough Regional Health Centre

Active medical staff - Interventional Cardiology and General Cardiology

Professional Appointments

Trent University

Honorary Associate Professor

Queen's University

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

AFC Subcommittee in Adult Interventional Cardiology

Peterborough Regional Health Centre

Patient Safety Committee
Clinical Lead, Laboratory Medicine ECG Services
Local Physician Lead for Canadian ACS Reflective Program
Pharmacy and Therapeutics Commitee

Central East Ontario LHIN Acute Care Hospital Standards Working Group

Peterborough Regional Health Centre Physician Representative

CMPA Appointments

Pension Committee
Legal Services Oversight Committee (Chair 2022 - )
Case Review Committee
2nd Vice-President
Executive Committee
Member and Stakeholder Relations Committee (Chair 2019 - 2022)
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Sub-committee
Investment Committee
Governance Committee
Safe Medical Care Committee

Election contact information

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 705-743-2121 x3966

* Proposed through the Nominating Committee