Sanjeeve Sockanathan

Sanjeeve Sockanathan*


Calgary, Alberta
Family medicine

Area 2, Division A

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Candidate statement

The face of healthcare is always evolving to meet the demands of a continuously changing and diversifying society. The CMPAs mission to protect the professional integrity of physicians and promote safe medical care in Canada can only be achieved by the integrity, professional diversity and opinion of its members and its committees. The expectation of the public of a high standard of healthcare delivery is always reasonable and to enable this standard, our members continually will need to be supported to fulfill this expectation via mentorship, guidance and education. The Pandemic resulted in a significantly testing time for the profession, the public, the government and our regulatory bodies. This time more than any other, was critical for the profession to be supported and the CMPAs role was crucial at a time where criticisms of the profession and its doctors was rife from all angles.

As a practising Physician in Alberta and working on the front line, I am very familiar with these challenges and the weight of stress the profession has experienced. I hope to bring my actual first hand experiences and combine them with my current and active roles as Clinical Assistant Professor the University of Calgary School of Medicine, Preceptor for the Faculty of Family Medicine, External Complaints Reviewer for the College of Physicians and Surgeons department of Professional conduct, past board director of the Foothills Primary Care Network and an active expert Physician for the CMPA (via Gowlings LLP) to provide the collaborative input that will help further our foundations of the goals of the CMPA.

I strive to bring my experience over the years in the analysis, review, assessment and arbitration of physician performance, organizational governance, strategic planning, stakeholder liaison, education, curriculum development, committee and director level communication and delivery to enable the building and support of the objectives of the CMPA in guiding the profession and its Physicians in their vocation as health care providers to our population in Canada.

I hope I can be given an opportunity to bring the diversity of my professional background and as an individual to help forge a direction that is robust, evidence based and backed by a true understanding to support the guidance of the profession and its professionals into the next era.

Relevant skills and experience

Practice Appointments

University of Calgary School of Medicine

Clinical Assistant Professor

Satori Health

Medical Director

CMPA Physician Expert for Gowlings LLP

Physician Expert - Family Medicine

College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPSA)

Complaints Reviewer - Department of Professional Conduct

Humana Medical Clinic - Dalhousie

Family Physician

Professional Appointments

Satori Health

Medical Director

University of Saskatchewan Business School

Certification qualification in Public Sector Governance

Director, Foothills Primary Care Network, Physicians Board

Board Director

Election contact information

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 5875852323

* Proposed by the CMPA Nominating Committee