Tracey Lee Ross

Tracey L. Ross


Ottawa, Ontario

Area 5, Division B

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Candidate statement

I first became familiar with the CMPA's mandate while working as a corporate lawyer in Ottawa. I always perceived CMPA’s legal representatives as balanced and supportive of physicians, reflecting CMPA’s innate philosophy.

I am a community otolaryngologist. My main office is based in a Manotick, a small town outside of Ottawa. My practice environments include both urban and smaller, more rural locales. I was born and raised in Northern Ontario and completed medical school at NOSM. I completed both law school and my residency in Ottawa. I continue to remain actively involved in both academic and community hospital environments. I feel that my diversified experience allows me to understand the nuanced challenges that physicians face whether practicing in larger or more regional settings.

I also understand, from both a medical and legal perspective, the critical function that the CMPA serves in our lives as Canadian physicians. It endeavors to provide physicians with clarity about their roles and responsibilities and it does so through education, counselling, and the provision of resources. This also allows the public to maintain confidence in us as physicians, and conversely ensures that we are protected from frivolous claims that lack merit. Equally important is knowing that claims with merit will be treated fairly on our behalf.

As a lawyer, I have had extensive training in advocacy, mediation, and dispute resolution. I support mechanisms of intervention and remediation that emphasize de-escalation of conflict and promote education.

I have many years of experience sitting on various boards and councils of governance. I understand the mechanics of board and committee structure. I understand the importance of administrative procedure. I believe I am able to assess an issue from a reasoned perspective. I am also formally trained to create constructive and innovative solutions to resolve issues of conflict.

I believe that as the acuity of the pandemic wanes, we will continue to be faced with novel legal questions arising from this unprecedented time in our professional lives. The practice of medicine has changed in ways we could not fathom prior to the start of the pandemic and those changes have bred uncertainty. I wish to support my colleagues by working as a member of CMPA council as it continues to navigate its way through these challenges.

Relevant skills and experience

Practice Appointments

Arnprior Regional Hospital

Medical Staff

Carleton Place District and Memorial Hospital

Medical Staff

Winchester District Memorial Hospital

Medical Staff

Qikiqtani General Hospital

Medical Staff

Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario

Medical Staff

The Ottawa Hospital

Medical Staff

Hawkesbury & District General Hospital

Medical Staff

Pembroke Regional Hospital

Medical Staff

Professional Appointments

Northern Ontario School of Medicine

Board Member

Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario Foundation

Board Member

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Member of Council of Partners

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Email: [email protected]
Phone: 613 301 4565