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Professionalism and ethics

Integrating professional duties, societal expectations and personal wellbeing

Black male physician talking to camera.

Effective communication: The key to reciprocal partnerships

April 2024 | 25 minutes

Explore communication skills to build effective relationships in healthcare settings.

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Privacy and confidentiality

July 2021 | 20 minutes

Explore best practices to safeguard privacy and confidentiality within the healthcare team, fostering trust and professionalism.

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Communicating effectively with patients to optimize their care

Group of physicians standing in a corridor.

Clinical reasoning: The impact of bias

November 2023 | 20 minutes

Learn to recognize the impact of implicit biases and how heuristics can affect patient care.

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Young male physician having a conversation with a male patient.

Disclosing harm from healthcare delivery

March 2021 | 20 minutes

Explore healthcare providers’ ethical, professional, and legal obligations to disclose harmful patient safety incidents.

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Medical documents on a table with a stethoscope.


June 2020 | 15 minutes

Explore the principles and importance of contemporaneous medical record keeping.

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Physicians reviewing an Electronic Medical Record on a tablet

Emergency medicine: Optimizing your documentation

January 2024 | 25 minutes

Learn strategies for optimizing your documentation when practicing emergency medicine.

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Female physician escorting a patient and their caregiver.

Informed Discharge

January 2021 | 15 minutes

Discover special issues to consider when discharging patients, your professional and legal obligations, and the importance of an informed discharge discussion.

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Medical form being completed by a healthcare professional

Medical letters, forms and reports

February 2023 | 20 minutes

Learn about physicians’ professional duties in relation to patient requests for letter, forms, or reports.

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Leveraging the power of collaboration to foster safe care

Close up of tug-of-war with two hands.

Competing priorities and team situational awareness in obstetrics

December 2021 | 15 minutes

Discover challenges that may affect team situational awareness and processes for the management of competing priorities in a dynamic labour and delivery unit.

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Medical scrubs hanging up with a stethoscope.

Delegation and supervision

June 2020 | 15 minutes

Discover the responsibilities for safe delegation and supervision while fostering open communication with trainees to support them when delegating specific tasks.

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Female physician speaks with colleagues.

Interprofessional communication in obstetrics

December 2021 | 15 minutes

Discover how cross-monitoring between colleagues, recognizing speaking up behaviour and improved awareness help to prevent patient safety incidents.

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Female physician speaks with colleague.

Interprofessional conflict in obstetrics

December 2021 | 15 minutes

Explore the obstacles and strategies for improving interprofessional collaborative care in obstetrics.

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Pregnant patient and their partner reviewing an ultrasound with a sonographer

Professional autonomy, scope of practice, and collaborative care in obstetrics

December 2021 | 15 minutes

Explore the concepts of professional autonomy and liability, scope of practice, and limitations of each healthcare provider to ensure the provision of safe care.

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Young female physician raising hand smiling.

Safe to speak: Fostering a culture of psychological safety in healthcare teams

May 2024 | 25 minutes

Explore how psychological safety can elevate your team’s performance.

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Group of physicians standing having a conversation.

Speaking up

April 2021 | 20 minutes

Discover ways to foster psychological safety, cross-monitoring and speaking up within a team environment.

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The healthcare system

Building safer systems to enhance clinical care delivery

Healthcare professional filling out chart with patient in background

Hospital policies – when healthcare providers have different opinions in obstetrics

December 2021 | 15 minutes

Learn about the importance of hospital policies and strategies to improve communication between healthcare providers who may have differing opinions on patient care.

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Understanding and responding to medico-legal challenges

Gavel and stethoscope

Anatomy of a Lawsuit

January 2021 | 30 minutes

Learn about the steps in the process of a legal action and where provincial/territorial differences exist.

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Judge signing a document

Negligence and civil liability

July 2021 | 25 minutes

Learn about negligence (civil liability in Québec) and how the courts determine if a physician has breached the standard of care (committed a fault in Québec).

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