Physician wellness

"I want members to know they are not alone."

Dr. Sharman Robertson, CMPA Physician Advisor

Resources for staying well during COVID-19

We have compiled a list of health resources for front-line workers on attending to their well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Caring and meaningful support

The CMPA understands the emotional toll of medical-legal events on physicians. We listen to members with an empathetic ear, provide sound advice, and offer meaningful support.

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Collaborating to support physician wellness

CMPA articles on physician wellness

The following articles provide information, advice and guidance on coping with stress and managing medical-legal issues.

College complaint

Know you’re not alone. Learn what to do when notified of a College complaint and effective coping strategies.

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Hospital complaint

Helping you understand the hospital complaint process and how the CMPA can help.

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Medical-legal issue

Medical-legal difficulties can have an emotional impact. Learn where to get support and how to alleviate stress.

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Physician health

Wellness strategies and resources for physicians.

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Connecting to support

CMPA members may wish to consider the following:

  • CMA Physician Wellness Hub

    A large collection of physician health and wellness resources spanning 22 topics. Information is targeted to physicians, residents, and medical students seeking guidance and wellness self-help.

  • CMA Wellness Connection

    A virtual, peer support platform for Canadian physicians and medical learners to gather and discuss shared experiences, get support, seek advice, and help each other.

  • CMA Wellness Support Line

    Designed to complement existing resources available through provincial physician health programs.

Provincial physician health programs

A number of provincial organizations offer health programs to support physicians, residents and their families. Contact your local organization to get the help you need.