2019 Council elections

Nomination period

Seek nomination by the Nominating Commitee.


Seek nomination through the Membership.
(now until Feb 13)

Release of Report of the Nominating Committee.
(Jan 9)

Election period

Election open.
(5 weeks - Mar/Apr)

Election results released.
(Annual Meeting - Aug)

The CMPA is governed by an elected Council of 30 practising physicians representing 10 geographical areas across Canada. Each year, approximately one-third of CMPA Council positions are scheduled for nomination and election. Any CMPA member in an Area and Division with positions scheduled for nomination and election may seek nomination.

Proposed candidates: 2019 Report of the Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee has carefully reviewed submissions received from interested nominees in election areas across the country. Weighing the collective needs of the Council as a whole, the Committee has developed a recommended slate of proposed candidates.

REMEMBER: The date to seek nomination via the Nominating Committee has passed, but you can still be nominated by members in your area until February 13, 2019.

Who we are looking for

The CMPA seeks and values diversity among Council members. A wide range of perspectives and opinions promotes effective governance and is vital to the CMPA’s ability to respond to the complex, multi-stakeholder environment in which it operates.

We aim for a strong Council committed to equity and diversity where the experience of each member combines to collectively meet the needs of the Association. Our Council aims to reflect diversity across characteristics such as gender, age, ethnicity and race, as well as within medical professionals, seeking a balance of family physicians and specialists, and representation from across the entire country.

The CMPA is therefore seeking a diverse pool of candidates for nomination to Council for 2019. We invite and encourage submissions from members from all backgrounds who feel they can make a unique and valuable contribution to Council.

To become a CMPA Council member

  1. Read about who we are looking for.
  2. Learn about the nomination and election process, and the documents you need to submit.
  3. Complete the candidate submission form (login required) and submit all required material.

Scheduled positions

In 2019, 10 council positions are scheduled for nomination and election in the following Areas and Divisions**:

  • Area 1 (British Columbia and Yukon): 1 position in Division A
  • Area 2 (Alberta): 1 position in Division B
  • Area 3 (Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories and Nunavut): 1 position in Division A or B
  • Area 5 (Ontario): 1 position in Division A and 2 positions in Division B
  • Area 6 (Québec): 2 positions in Division A
  • Area 7 (New Brunswick): 1 position in Division A or B
  • Area 10 (Newfoundland and Labrador): 1 position in Division A or B

**Visit our nomination and election process page for information on Council representation and Divisions A and B.

Key dates and activities

Read text version

CLOSED October 25, 2018: Deadline for submissions* for consideration by the Nominating Committee.
February 13, 2019: Deadline for receipt of nominations* from the membership.
January 9, 2019: Release of the Report of the Nominating Commitee - slate of candidates proposed by Committee.
March 20, 2019: Online voting opens for members in areas where elections are required.
April 24, 2019: Online voting ends.
August 14, 2019: Election results announced at the CMPA Annual Meeting.

*All documentation required for new nominees and Council members seeking re-election MUST be submitted by deadline.

Additional Information