By-law 52

Article one: Interpretation
Article two: Conditions of membership
Article three: Members' meetings
Article four: Council
Article five: Directors and officers
Article six: Association assistance

Article eleven: Effective date and repeal

11.01 Effective Date. This By-law shall come into force and take effect immediately upon the fulfillment of the provisions of Section 7 of the Act.
11.02 Repeal. Simultaneously with the coming into force and taking effect of this by-law, all existing By-laws of the Association (in this By-law called the "old By-laws") shall be automatically repealed, provided that neither the coming into force of this By-law nor the repeal of the old By-laws shall in any way affect the previous operation of the old By-laws or any part thereof nor affect the validity of any act done or right, privilege, obligation or liability acquired or incurred thereunder nor the validity of any contract or agreement made pursuant thereto prior to repeal. All Councillors, Officers and persons acting under any of the old By-law shall continue to act as if appointed under the provisions of this By-law and all resolutions of the Members, the Council and committees of the Council with continuing effect passed under the old By-laws shall continue to be good and valid except to the extent inconsistent with this By-law and until amended or repealed.


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