By-law 52

Article one: Interpretation
Article two: Conditions of membership
Article three: Members' meetings
Article four: Council
Article five: Directors and officers
Article six: Association assistance

Article nine: General

9.01 Corporate Seal. The corporate seal of the Association shall be such as the Council may adopt by resolution.
9.02 Execution of Instruments. Deeds, transfers, assignments, contracts, obligations, certificates and other documents and instruments that require the corporate seal of the Association to be affixed thereto may be signed on behalf of the Association by those individuals so designated by Council.
9.03 Rules of Order. All meetings of the Association shall be conducted in accordance with the "rules of order" adopted by Council.
9.04 Governance Manual. Council shall establish and apply operating rules and procedures related to the governance of the Association and other matters it deems to be relevant. These rules and procedures will be described in the CMPA Governance Manual and be made available to Members.
9.05 Teleconferences. Members of Council and committees may participate at meetings by means of telephone or other electronic means, provided all participants are able to communicate with each other. A person participating by such means is deemed to be present.
9.06 Provision of Information to Members. Unless required by law, no Member shall be entitled to discovery of any information respecting any details or conduct of the Association's business when, in the opinion of the Council, it would not be in the interests of Members or the Association to communicate that information to that Member or to the public. No Member or other person shall have any right of inspecting any account, record or document of the Association except as required by law or as authorized by the Council.
9.07 Notices.
9.07.01 Method of Giving Notices. Any notice (which term includes any communication or document, electronic or otherwise) to be given, sent, delivered or served pursuant to the By-law or otherwise, in writing or otherwise, to a Member, Councillor, Officer or member of a committee shall be sufficiently given if delivered personally to the person to whom it is to be given or if delivered, mailed, sent by means of recorded communication or by electronic means. A notice so delivered shall be deemed to have been given when it is delivered personally or at the address aforesaid. A notice so mailed shall be deemed to have been given when sent. The term "recorded address" means in the case of a Member the address, including without limitation the e-mail address, as recorded in the register of Members and in the case of a Councillor or Officer the address as recorded in the records of the Association. The Executive Director may change or cause to be changed the recorded address of any Member, Councillor or Officer in accordance with any information believed by the Executive Director to be reliable.
9.07.02 Omissions and Errors. The accidental omission to give any notice to any Member, Councillor or Officer or member of any committee of the Council or the non-receipt of any notice by any such person or any error in any notice not affecting its substance shall not invalidate the notice or any action taken at any meeting held pursuant to the notice.
9.07.03 Waiver of Notice. Where a notice is required by the By-law or otherwise to be given to any Member, Councillor or Officer or to any other person, the giving of such notice may be waived or the time for the notice may be waived or abridged with the consent in writing of every person entitled thereto, either before or after the time prescribed.
9.07.04 Signature of Notices. The signatures to any notices to be delivered, mailed or sent by means of recorded communication by the Association may be written, stamped, typewritten or printed or partly written, stamped, typewritten or printed. The signatures to any notices to be sent by the Association by electronic means may be in digital form, incorporated in, attached to or associated with such notice.


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